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  • Email Breach Protection Recommendations

    Methods of protecting emails to reduce the risk of a breach. As well as a GDPR email checklist and quiz to help you determine whether you need to send them protected.

  • GDPR Terminology

    Understand critical terminology and wordings that may be used from clients and businesses alike. Get a better understanding of the GDPR lingo that is being thrown around.

  • Free Support

    If you have any questions about GDPR, its effects on emails and how you can protect yourself. We have a free support forum and Facebook community to join and ask questions.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the TowerWatch Academy
  • 2
    Industries More Prone to GDPR Breaches
    • Specific Industries at Risk
  • 3
    GDPR Email Checklist
    • Are Your Emails Breaching GDPR?
    • Questions to Ask
  • 4
    Methods of Protecting Emails to Reduce a Breach
    • Minimising Risk
    • 1. Assessing/Understanding Your Data
    • 2. Staff Training
    • 3. Encryption/Protection Tools
    • 3a. Microsoft's Azure Information Protection
    • 3b. My Protected Mail
    • 4. Getting Suppliers or External Stakeholders on Board
    • 5. Creating Your Email Policy
  • 5
    Need Help?
    • GDPR Email Terminology
    • Support Options
    • TowerWatch Academy GDPR Email Support Thread
    • Course Discount Code
    • Template for Staff Training


Install Microsoft's Azure Information Protection

Help a small business needs to implement GDPR compliant automatic file and email encryption

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